About us

FairYachts was born from the union of several companies in the nautical sector, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

Located in Roses

You will find us next to the Port of Roses where we have our premises. From here we work in direct contact with boat owners and manage hundreds of boats.

We offer a complete service of purchase – sale of boats that allows us to simplify the process for our clients.

How do we do it?

We know from experience how complicated it can be to buy a boat on your own. That’s why our mission is to make the buying and selling process simple, clear and seamless. We don’t want you to have to worry about small details or learn unnecessary technical concepts.

Selling price

We help to establish an appropriate and customised selling price for each boat. Not all boats are in the same condition and we take every important aspect into account when setting a price.



We comprehensively manage all aspects of the sale, such as negotiation with the buyer, inspections (ITB), surveyor service for survey and quality control and the necessary navigation tests.



We prepare the boat for sale, analysing its condition, proposing changes that are best suited to the sale and solving any problems that the boat may have with our services.



We take care of the transfer and tax formalities related to the sale, as well as changes of flag and everything necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly.



We advertise your boat in the most appropriate way. To do this, we use external platforms, in addition to our website, which allows us to reach potential customers.



Once the sales agreement has been signed with the buyer, we take care of answering any queries they may have and organise the necessary visits to the boat.